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Hip Stability

Hip Stability LIVELY

Hips! We all have them, different shapes, different sizes, they’re there working constantly and unconditionally.

Our hip joints are ball-in-socket joints which mean they allow for huge ranges of movement! There are lots of muscles working hard to stabilise this joint through its range. The hip requires the muscles to work synergistically to generate smooth, controlled and efficient movements. 

However, when there is dysfunction through the hip – there is usually an imbalance in activity and/or strength of the local musculature. This can result in altered gait patterns, an unstable feeling when walking or standing on the leg, negative impact on performance (running, golf swing, swimming etc), or a tight feeling through either the buttock or front of hip. If prolonged, these can manifest as local symptoms – such as bursitis or tendonitis – or even issues down the kinetic chain.

Certain exercises are great for targeting the deep stabilising muscles of the hips; such as squats, clams, scooters, hip hitches, swiss ball wall presses and quadruped exercises.

If you have been experiencing any hip symptoms, or have any questions about your hips, give us a call and we will see if our physios can help you. 

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