Product Price
ASO Ankle BraceBrace worn prevent ankle sprains. $82
Back BlocksGreat to losen up thoracic spine and for healthy discs for the lumbar spine. Available 4cm and 8cm tall. $14
Comfit Spiky Massage BallMassage tool to loosen up knots. Available in 8cm and 10cm. $15
Decline BoardStretching board for calf muscles. $66
Diane Lee SIJ Compressor BeltBrace to provide stability over the sacro-iliac joint. $85
Exolite Wrist BraceBrace to assist in wrist problems such as carpal-tunnel syndrome, RSI. $44
Fisiocrem 60ml / 250mlNatural cream for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain. $15 / $40
Foam Rollers1/2 and full short and long rollers for massaging tight muscles and fascia. $20–$66
Futuro Thumb StabiliserBrace to stabilise thumb/wrist problems.
Hypafix TapeUnder-layer hypoallergenic tape. $15
Jumpers Knee BraceBrace to support patella tendon problems. $30
Kinesio Tape (5 metres)Tape to help with pain, swelling, muscle activation. $20
OPPO Patella Tracking SupportBrace to assist the tracking of patella. $80
Pilates Chi BallUsed to assist or challenge pilates exercises for home. $10
Pilates SocksToe socks and Grip Socks. Useful when doing pilates or yoga, but also excellent to prevent falls. $15–$20
Pilates Ultra-Fit CirclesEquipment to challenge pilates based exercises for home. $85
Pro-Tec Massage RollerMassage tool to loosen up tight muscles and fascia. $42.25
Rigid Sports TapeTape to support joints and muscles. $9.90
SacrobeltBrace to provide stability over the sacro-iliac joint. $38.50
Sacrobelt Lumbar SupportBrace to provide stability over the Lumbo-Sacral region. $51.95
Saunders Back Brace (Posture)Brace to assist in achieving perfect posture. $70
Stretching BeltUseful to assist in stretches. $11
Swiss Ball (55 and 65cm)300kg burst resistance exercise ball. $75
Tennis Elbow StrapBrace to alleviate pain for tennis elbow. $30
Theraband (2 metres)4 resistance levels for strengthening exercises. $15
Thermoskin Wrist & Thumb BraceBrace to stabilise thumb/wrist problems. $62.50