Katie Hill

Admin staff

Katie is one of our new casual admin staff here at Lively. From a young age, Katie has trained as a figure skater, competing across NSW. As a result, she has often found herself seeking the benefits of physiotherapy to combat injury and to maintain her fitness and health. This personal experience has led her to grow an interest in health care, which she seeks to develop before heading to university next year to study paramedicine. In the future, Katie hopes to work locally and internationally as a Paramedic.

Katie worked for three years in the retail and customer service industry before beginning her time at Lively. This equipped her with numerous skills to assist her in providing the best care personalised to every client. Outside of Lively this year, Katie is taking a break from study. This has allowed her to spend quality time with friends and family, as well as to pursue some of her personal interests such as learning Spanish and pursuing small design projects.

Katie works casually.