Roger Goes Stand Up Paddle Boarding LIVELY

Roger Goes Stand Up Paddle Boarding

My first attempt at stand-up paddleboarding was on the beaches of Waikiki. After hiring what looked like an extra-wide surfboard and a canoe paddle, we were provided with a very brief set of instructions.

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Cricket Oblique Slings LIVELY

Cricket – Oblique Slings

Grass, sand, back-alley. Whichever your pitch, you’ll probably be wanting to get the winning edge on your relatives next weekend. So what are our oblique slings? Read on to find out.

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Soft Sand Running LIVELY

Soft Sand Running

Summer’s here! Time to get back outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. In this month’s article we’ll be having a look at soft sand running.
Walking or running on the sand carries a lot of benefits.

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Squats & Ankles LIVELY

Squats & Ankles

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you drop your freshly buttered toast on the floor? Conveniently forgot to vacuum under the couch, because no one sees it anyway, right?

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Hip Stability LIVELY

Hip Stability

Hips! We all have them, different shapes, different sizes, they’re there working constantly and unconditionally. Our hip joints are ball-in-socket joints which mean they allow for huge ranges of movement!

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