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welcome-imgThe team at Lively Physio & Pilates are focused on providing personalised, professional, holistic health care for the community of the Upper North Shore.

We offer a unique combination of Physiotherapy, Massage, Pilates and Yoga services to fulfill the needs of our patients with a broad range of musculo–skeletal and neuro-muscular problems.

We are 100% focused on genuine patient care and wellbeing, and are especially committed to tailoring individualised treatment plans for all of our patients. We are an honest and caring bunch, and will endeavour to do all we can to help you bounce back to meet your goals. We only use the most current methods and highly specialised techniques to ensure that you are provided with the most efficient and effective treatment possible. All of our Physios, Pilates instructors and massage therapists are constantly attending further courses to continue enhancing their knowledge for better management of your particular condition.

Our clinic is located in Turramurra and is easily accessible by local residents and visitors alike. There is ample parking near the clinic, but if you prefer to go green, the train station and bus stops are right at our doorstep. We provide expertised Physiotherapy treatment, therapeutic Massage sessions and Rehab & Wellness Pilates equipment sessions and small Pilates mat classes. New to 2016, we have 2 new classes run by our physios.. PhysioPUMP and Senior’s over 55’s class.

We also run small, patient specific yoga and zumba classes.

NEW: Mat Classes Wednesday 6am (open), Thursday 9:30am  (open) and Friday 6am (Men’s only). Term 2 commences on 18th April 2016.

NEW: Wellness Pilates Equipment sessions with Amitie on Tuesdays 12-2pm. Introductory package B is still required before joining these sessions.

NEW: Senior Classes for over 65’s run by Jae Kim (physio). Focus of these classes will be on balance, weight-bearing for healthy bones, functional strengthening. Term 2 commencing in April, Wednesday mornings at 10a.m for 8 weeks. Please enquire with admin if you are interested in joining this class.

NEW: PhysioPUMP classes run by Sally Ting. Focus will be on endurance strengthening including squats, lunges, dumbbells, push-ups and more. Will be run on Tuesday 10:30AM commencing once we get enough numbers. Please inform admin if a more preferable time is desired.

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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession whose purpose is to speed up the restoration of any physical aches and pain, and return to normal performance of the body. Your physiotherapist may work in conjunction with your GP, nurse or…

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Pilates is a method of body conditioning which connects the body and mind to achieve a stronger core, improve flexibility, posture and body strength and full body control. Pilates will make you feel energised, engaged and Lively!

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Deep and firm pressure to influence the tight muscle fibres to release the tension under the muscle group. HICAPS available for Health Fund Rebates. Please check with your health fund for eligibility for remedial massage rebate.

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Zumba® is a dance fitness program that originated in Colombia in the 1990s. It involves dance and aerobic elements and the songs used are mostly Latin – merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton – with a touch of world rhythms – pop, hiphop, funk etc.

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The word ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite’. Yoga has its origins in India where it stems as an ancient practice aiming to unite the body, breath and mind to bring you to a better state of health both physically and mentally.I believe yoga is not only…

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